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I bought these two kitchen sets for my new dollhouse, but I can’t choose one over the other. Both sets are so adorable! I think the mahogany and cream kitchen goes well with the rest of the furniture, but the light oak kitchen has a vintage look about it.

What do you think? Please help me decide!


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As I professed before, I love mahogany furniture! This is my dining room set inside my new dollhouse. My most treasured piece is the grand china cabinet with its latticed oriental doors and intricate woodwork! My collection of dollhouse furniture is growing very slowly, but then again, only the best will do for me!

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Email from Roberta

Every morning I wake up and wonder, did Roberta email me last night? Getting emails from Roberta is like finding a message in a bottle: they just make my day — especially when they come with the much awaited photos of the dollhouse! Roberta sent me some more photos last night, and I will just let her email tell the story in her own words …

Hi Dear Sumaiya,

I received some new items today so I’ll send you a couple more
pictures. I still don’t have the rugs for the children’s room or
bathroom – but notice the rolling shades in the upstairs rooms. Also
the china on the table. I also have a Christmas skirt coming for the
tree and the parents have not been made yet. Also I have a rocking
horse coming for the children’s room and I purchased some real cute
Christmas pillows for the furniture in the living room. I am going to
order the white set in cherry wood to match the dining room. I just
borrowed this set from another roombox.

Hugs, Roberta

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Roberta sent more photos of her winter cottage. When I showed my hubby and my brother the photos, they were truly lost for words! They could not believe that this is the same dollhouse that they helped me build: the dolls, the bathroom set, the puppet theater — all come together to turn my first dollhouse into a home.

Roberta has bought two different living room sets for the house. The first one is upholstered in white and comes in dark wulnut or dark mahogany finish. The rug that Roberta chose for this set is in muted earth tones with intricate Persian styled design.

The second set is a dark cherry set with delicate curvings and gold thread on burgandy upholstery. The rug is in a darker palette of midnight blue and floral patterns.

Roberta asked me which set I liked the best. I think for this house, I like the first living room set better, since it matches the mahogany dining room set with the white cushioned chairs. Also, I like the contrast created by the white upholstery with the mahogany frame. The white cushions and the dark finish make the furniture stand out from the background of the house. The coffee table in the living room is mahogany, so I think the only change I would make would be to change the walnut finish of the first living room set to a richer mahogany stained finish.

Do you agree? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Off To A New Home

This dining room set of mine found a new home today. A very darling lady bought it for her daughter’s Christmas dollhouse. My favorite piece is the cupboard with glass shelves and mirrored background. O look! You can actually catch the reflection of my dress while I was taking the photo!

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The website of Patricia Rose has an extremely resourceful tutorials link: http://www.patriciarosestudio.com/html/tutorial.html.

There, you can follow her making of these and many other figurines. Also, she teaches you how to use body molds, sculpt baby figurines, make transparent wings, and much much more!

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Patricia Rose Studio

Patricia Rose is first and foremost a sculptor. Her love for dolls came only after a quest to combine all of her interests and skills into one profession. She considers herself very fortunate to have discovered this world of dolls which has enabled her to follow her passion for art and also express who she is.

To view her exquisite dolls, visit http://www.patriciarosestudio.com/html/gallery.html

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